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About Dawn Brown, MyWeatherLady

posted on Thursday, April 30th, 2009 at 7:51 am launches! launches!

I started my interest in weather while working at KFDM (CBS) in Beaumont Texas. I loved the afternoon thunderstorms there because they would cool the air! I had no A/C in my black Mazda pickup. From Beaumont, I moved to Reno, Nevada where I worked at KRNV (NBC), where we’d forecast no snow and get hit by a foot, and we’d forecast a blinding snowstorm, and barely a flurry would fall. Reno is located at about 4000′ on the leeward side of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, it’s called a rain shadow desert. From Reno, I moved to Philadelphia, where I saw thundersnow for the first time. It was pitch dark out and we were driving during a sleet storm, a couple of flashes of lightning later, and snow started to fall in big thick flakes.  I moved home after a year of living in Philly, filling in as a forecaster in Las Vegas, Sacramento and then finally in San Francisco. Got to love the weather in San Francisco. It would be 105 degrees in Napa, and less than an hour to the south in S.F., it felt like a fog blizzard. (There’s no such thing as a fog blizzard.) When you’re in a tank top and shorts and you hit 65 degrees with a blowing wind off the Pacific Ocean it might as well be a blizzard.

Launching the 5am Show with Chris Franklin, Image: John Snell

Launching the 5am Show with Chris Franklin, Image: John Snell

In 2005, after Hurricane Katrina, I moved to New Orleans! It’s a long story that I’ll blog about later. I got a call from New Orleans for help after Katrina. I didn’t want to go because it was just a two week fill-in job. A good friend of mine convinced me to go there and help out. I was in Baton Rouge where the CBS affiliate from New Orleans was broadcasting for two weeks when Hurricane Rita hit the Louisiana/Texas border. What an experience. After that, I was hired full time.  I lived in the French Quarter for three years, ate too much savory food, went through three (sometimes frightening) hurricane seasons.  I’m very interested in informing the public, so I’m tackling the internet! I’ve discovered a few things from my forecasting days. One… when you’re a TV forecaster and you move to a new city, there are all kinds of websites that can help you put together a better forecast. I want to help you find those sites. Second… every day we get asked to do kids homework. Here, you can find all the answers you need if you’re a parent or the student. Third… what better way to find the weather forecast for the city you are visiting than to visit the website of the local town you are travelling to. Under Get Your Local TV Forecast, you’ll find links to the TV weathercasts from all over the country. If you have any questions, email me at

With my new Chief, Bob Breck and Kim Vaughn

I’m originally from Southern California, a little town called Ojai. I graduated from UCLA with a degree in Political Science, International Relations. After my weather curiosity was piqued in Beaumont, I went back to school for a meteorology degree through Mississippi State University. I’m currently work at FOX 8 in New Orleans and going back to school, working toward a Ph.D. -Dawn Brown

This website is maintained and operated by Dawn Brown. The website logo was provided by my niece, Sierra Dawn Nelson.

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